Prophetic Word 2019

by Les D. Crause

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Global Business Ministries stands at the cutting edge of preparing the leaders of the Future Church. So this prophetic word is directed largely at the leaders in the Body of Christ, and especially those whom the Lord has been preparing behind the scenes. 
If you are waiting for the Lord to use you and open the way for you to fulfill your calling, then this word is for you

Word From The Lord For 2019

As you stand now at the beginning of a new year the Lord says to you, My child I have brought you to this point via many different roads and experiences. And as you stand now on the brink of another opportunity to bring change to this world, you too are about to experience change in a new way.
For I came to bring change to this world says the Lord, and I came to offer the power for you to change so that you, in turn, can be My instrument to bring change to others.
This world has grown more and more decadent and has turned away from Me like never before. I have no place in the lives of those who are at the helm and lead the kingdoms of this world. Therefore changes must be made to bring Me back into the lives of these leaders.
I depend on My spiritual body in this earth, the Church to cause My power to be manifest in this world and to influence those who are in command. Because I can do nothing until a man or woman brings My authority and power to bear in the earth.
But you cannot do this in your own strength or you will fail. You need My power to succeed in this life, and to accomplish the commission that I gave to spread the Good News to every living creature.
That is why I am going to bring a fresh emphasis on My power to the Church in the year that lies ahead. There needs to be a greater understanding of how to tap into My divine power and bring it to bear on the many needs that can be seen in the world.

Knowledge Is Not Enough

I have raised up many teachers to teach the truth, and already there is much knowledge being dispersed to all believers to show them how to prepare themselves for My call upon their lives. And I have been training the leaders in the Fivefold Ministry how to function in their calling.
But knowledge is not enough says the Lord. For knowing what to do is important, but having the power to carry this out is even more important. Therefore I am bringing a fresh emphasis in My Body this year concerning the importance of tapping into My power in far greater measure.
In times past I have moved in different ways via different movements that have taken place on the earth. And many have experienced Me in powerful ways that have transformed their lives. But this has often been a limited experience and has only reached a limited number of people.
Therefore it is time that increased emphasis on the Word is accompanied also by an increased emphasis on the power of My Spirit. Not as a replacement, but as an addition to what I have been doing says the Lord.
For previous moves of My Spirit only brought a greater emphasis on the supernatural, but did not lay a sound foundation for My people. Many new believers were brought in, and the Gospel was preached with power. But those who were brought in were not established and grounded in the Word, and many fell away.

Not The Same As Before

Therefore do not look for a return to that era says the Lord. And do not look for another awakening or experience of revival as you have seen in the past.
These moves had their place and were instrumental in getting the attention of many. But they lacked the foundation and establishment of solid leadership at a higher level who could use that power to establish the Body of Christ and bring it to maturity.
But now there will come a different kind of move says the Lord, and it can only come as my higher level leaders, the Apostles find their place and bring the Church back to the right pattern.
For though the evangelistic ministry is powerful and brings many of the lost into the Kingdom, it lacks the foundation and knowledge required to bring such new believers into a Body that will rise up and grow and bring change to this world.
Therefore the next great move of My Spirit will not take place in an awakening or revival movement, that is largely carried by those with Evangelistic fervor. But it will take place amongst those whom I have been preparing through the establishment of sound training and discipling, and spiritual parenting.
It will take place at the highest level amongst the ultimate leaders in the Body of Christ - the Apostles whom I have been training and raising up. Many of these have been trained in secret and are not visible to the world. For they are building a new church that is different from the Church that has existed until now.
Therefore this new move will not be seen in those who are already public and have gained a reputation in the sight of man. For they would only use the manifestation of My power to build their own kingdoms and to draw attention to themselves.

The Hidden Warriors

But My power will start to manifest amongst those whom I have raised up in secret, and away from the public eye says the Lord. Those who have walked humbly before Me and have often been rejected by the majority. 
Because they refuse to conform to a system that has progressively left Me out of the picture. A system like the kingdom of Saul, that has sought to be the best, to draw attention only to those with natural ability.
But as David raised up his mighty men away from the Kingdom of Saul, away from the fanfare and the luxury of the palace, so I have been raising up My Davids who have been training My leaders in obscurity and preparing them to know My ways.
And as David handed over to Solomon to bring My people to a new place of blessing and prosperity, so I have been preparing My Solomons to rise up and tap into the resources of this world. To show My people how to rise up and succeed above those who follow the ways of the world.
As Moses laid out a foundation of teaching for My people, and then handed over to Joshua to take them to the next level, so I have also been raising up My Moses Apostles to lay a sound foundation In the Word, and to prepare a new generation of leaders who will rise up like Joshua of old.
These will be leaders who are well grounded in the Word and are mature in leadership. And they will take the foundation that has been laid in them, and use My power to take their leadership to a new level.

A New Church Is Coming

For I am building a New Church says the Lord, that is far greater than My people of the past. Far greater than the first church in the wilderness, who experienced My power in amazing ways. Far greater than the early church, who saw a return of My power on the Day of Pentecost, and turned the then known world upside down.
For indeed I will build a new house that is greater than the former says the Lord. I am building a new church that will not only know My power, but will be established in My Word and mature in leadership. A church that will not flounder when the world tries to squeeze it and destroy it, like what happened with the early church.
But My new church will know how to tap into the resources of this world and to be independent of the influences of the world through wealth and influence. And My new church will know how to walk in My power on a continual basis. Not depending on specific revival moves or awakenings that only touch a limited number, and fail to continue through lack of sound foundation.
I have already begun to prepare the leaders of this new church, and they have been waiting in the wings for the time of their manifestation. Many have cried out to Me as they have seen others rise up and be recognized by man. And they have cried, “How long Lord? When will you vindicate us and reward us for our faithfulness?”

A Call To Prophetic Intercession

Therefore I am at this time raising up also Prophets at the highest level who will birth this new move in My Body says the Lord. And the year ahead will see the beginnings of the manifestation of these, in whom I am well pleased, and have chosen to lead My new church.
And I will raise up also leaders who will learn how to train their people to take their place and help build the  Church after the new patterns that I have been revealing to My hidden apostles. For the new church will not be a stagnant church, dominated by and controlled by selfish leaders who seek only to build a reputation for themselves.
But I am building a Church that is a living active organism, where every member, as in a real body is both active and growing. Where each member will know their place and will take their place, and cause My Kingdom to be extended into the earth.
Get ready for much change says the Lord. For the year that lies before you will see the beginnings of something new and different. It will start slowly, and not outwardly visible at first. But this new move will gain momentum as it continues into the future.
And the years ahead will see the emerging of something magnificent and glorious. A church that is well grounded in the Word and knows how to tap into My power. Leaders who have been well trained and established before becoming manifest publicly.
Therefore I say to those who have been faithful and have been waiting patiently for Me to move, “Be encouraged, My faithful servants. For you have paid a price to know My ways, and to experience My power. And I will reward you for your faithfulness, and in due season, I will lift you up and grant you the recognition that you deserve” says the Lord.
If you were blessed by this word and can identify, why not post a comment below as a response so that others can also join in and express what is in their hearts.

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Responses Posted For This Page

Response from Leslie Crause :

Testing the responses

Reply From GBM International:

This works also

Response from Mark Stalnaker :

where every member, as in a real body is both active and growing... Finally! Thank you Lord! Fullness of time is here. We are blessed to be alive in this time and blessed to be invited to be a part of this.

Response from J o h n Ilevbare :

Thank You .I am. blessed by this word and up lifting and challenging.Here I am Lord have your way with me. 3382

Response from Brian :

Yes the word and the power of God is what will bring true divine change in the Body of Christ

Response from Jade :

Thank you Jesus... May I not miss out in what God will be doing this season. The church of God needs this new move. So many Christians are totall lost and helplesss.

Response from D. Johnson :

Thank you so much for this prophetic word that resonated in my Spirit. This is the message the I have been waiting to hear...a new church rooted and grounded in the Word of God and operating in His power, authority and anointing with the purpose of growing and expanding the Kingdom of God. Thank you so much. Blessings to you, your family and ministry.

Response from Sandra :

I have sensed in my spirit that there would be a new and grander thing. At times, though my thoughts would question how it could be possible that I could be used on a significant scale. I have made so many mistakes in this obscure place. But He has been faithful. My eyes are on Him. How awesome to see His great hand work throughout seasons. Glory to YHWH. Thanks be to my great Redeemed. Thank you for this posting, dear humble brother.

Response from Deborah Johnson :

Greatness is power so use me Lord in a mighty way to grow into understanding, so i can be use to help your people in a mighty way, this is my prayer i Jesus Name Amen!

Response from Lisa :

Thanks so much for your obedience in sharing this message to the believers and those whom God is preparing for this next move in the Body. God bless you.

Response from Doris Ceaser :

Apostle, I have been waiting on a word for 16 yrs. I believe
God is going to bring me out of the wilderness this year. I've been faithfully awaiting......for a long time and just stumbled upon your word for 2019.I had already claim 2019 as
my year of deliverance and now your word has given me hope
that maybe it is my time.Thank you so much for your ministry
and my God continue bless and keep you.


Doris Ceaser

Response from Mpumelelo Ndlela :

Amen Apostle, what mature word and very informative I was learning as I was reading. Thank you Lord, we shall wait on you indeed.

Immanuel Mpumelelo Ndlela

South Africa

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